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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Infamous Text

So, from the beginning, Vector has had some textual issues. On the original car (remember, this is the 1.1 version, with a different body shell) the inscription “Liebe über Leben” was cut into the sheet metal of the right rear quarterpanel. Unfortunately, that phrase doesn’t really mean anything. (Well, ok, it means “Love of life”, … Continue reading »

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“Boogedy boogedy boogedy, boys!”

“Let’s go racing!” (Is it weird that I keep making references to a children’s movie?  Or is it OK because it’s Pixar?) So, on Saturday, I went racing.  By which I mean, I went to the racetrack with my friend John Morningstar, and acted as ballast for the #20 Free Radicals Chrysler Cordoba. 😀 We … Continue reading »

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Engine tanking, working on other vehicles

Dangit, I was doing good there for a bit.  Back to the “updates every two weeks” schedule, I guess. Eli and I carried the bare block of Vector out to Tensor so I could take it to the machine shop to be cleaned and inspected.  Heavy, but carriable by two people.  OK, at least when … Continue reading »

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