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Engine tanking, working on other vehicles

Posted by on 09 May 2014

Dangit, I was doing good there for a bit.  Back to the “updates every two weeks” schedule, I guess.

Eli and I carried the bare block of Vector out to Tensor so I could take it to the machine shop to be cleaned and inspected.  Heavy, but carriable by two people.  OK, at least when those two people are Eli and I, anyway.  😀


Then, I made some 2 gauge cable crimpers out of a broken set of bolt cutters I had.  And then I made some 2/0 battery cables for Mercury.  (The Dodge ambulance.)  Which is thus running again.  Yay!


And then I finally got around to a thing I’d been thinking of doing for a while, with Tensor.  A Fallout 3: New Vegas reference, which is in itself a Woody Guthrie reference.



It’s apparently also the name of a band?  I haven’t actually listened to them, I hope they’re good.  😉

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