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Author Archives: perlhaqr

Cleaning progress

Since the space we’re in was an active motorcycle repair shop for 30 years, there’s an awful lot of stuff that has built up over time.  We’ve finally managed to get 98% of it cleared out, and we’re working on details like washing and painting the walls, mopping the floors (hey, I want to start … Continue reading »

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Got some good progress made.  Came down to the shop intending to work on cleaning one of the walls that we need to repaint, and instead ended up removing one of the benches that’s going to get turned into shelving.  I was getting ready to take off when my partner in crime, Eli, texted to … Continue reading »

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Vector is now in the shop.  Let the great rebuilding begin!

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Time keeps on slippin…

Ok.  So, other things happened, and I haven’t made significant progress on Vector. However!  My friend Eli and I have just recently acquired workshop space from my friend Monty (who has recently shut down his business of 30 years: New Mexico Motorcycles) by renting out the bay he used to do motorcycle repair in.  We’ve … Continue reading »

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This is Vector.

Vector is a 1973 Plymouth Satellite Sebring with heavy aesthetic and functional modifications. Originally conceived by Kurt Harland of Information Society, he and NYC artist Linus Corragio took a plain, two door American passenger car and a notebook of sketches in 1989 and 1990 and transformed it into the vehicle that graced the cover of … Continue reading »

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Hello world!

Welcome to the inaugural post of PAVQ Magazine.  Yeah, ok, that’s a bit grandiose, but hey, dream big, right? Bluntobject had asked me to blog about the work I’m doing to Kurt Larson’s old car (The Vector, of Information Society fame) and, since I’d had the idea for this website kicking around in my head … Continue reading »

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