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Hello world!

Posted by on 08 May 2011

Welcome to the inaugural post of PAVQ Magazine.  Yeah, ok, that’s a bit grandiose, but hey, dream big, right?

Bluntobject had asked me to blog about the work I’m doing to Kurt Larson’s old car (The Vector, of Information Society fame) and, since I’d had the idea for this website kicking around in my head for a while (and I’d bought the domain and never done anything with it) I figured this was just about the perfect use for it and the perfect time to get started.

For those of you who don’t know me (and, well, that’s probably very few of you, because hey, why else would you be here?) I’m Ogre, also known as Sandro, aliased as ‘perlhaqr’ because that’s what I do for a living, (not to be confused with MadOgre, up in Utah), and I live in Albuquerque, NM.  Which gives me a fair feel for what it’s like to live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland…  As mentioned, I’m primarily a hacker (original definition), working in the information security field, but I’m also a welder, machinist, general fabricator, EMT, leathersmith, and a whole bunch of other stuff intended to make surviving the Zombie Apocalypse that much more likely.

It’s my hope to turn Post Apocalyptic Vehicles Quarterly into not only a webzine for the survival motoring inclined, but a place where people who dream that cars can be more than just transportation can meet up with like minded individuals.  And if y’all are like me, you’re very individual indeed.  😀

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